3 Viral Marketing Examples on How to Do Newsjacking Right Now

"The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes." — Sherlock Holmes

Piggyback on viral news and events$30-501-2 hours

#Step 1: Pick a trending story

For example, Belle, The Dog 🐕 is trending today. Isn't the dog cute? 😍

Belle, The Dog goes viral

#Step 2: Send a 'dog sweater' to the owner

You send a jacket to the Belle with your company name on both sides.

#Step 3: How to execute?

  • Order a custom dog sweater from this Etsy shop and send it to the owner.

  • Ask the Belle's owner to send a photograph with your sweater on it.

  • Ask Belle's owner to share the pics on his/her Instagram and Twitter.

  • Post the pic on Reddit with a link back to your site in the comments.


✅ 1. A huge traffic is guaranteed to your site.
✅ 2. You [may] get massive publicity. I hope you have an email capture form 😉
✅ 3. 100s if not 1000s of backlinks to your business.

#Bonus Marketing Hacks 👇

Hack 1:


  • Congratulate Kane and the top 4 teams who qualified for the champions league on Twitter. Make sure you include @footballteam in your tweet.

  • Make a viral site asking footy enthusiasts to guess where Harry Kane is ending up?

Hack 2:


  • You send flowers to Sasha Johnson. Expect nothing, just pure condolence.